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No obligation requests. lets see if we are a good fit!

Veronica Benson

Utah Women's Retreats

I was looking for someone that was relatable, that was prepared, and could speak to the hearts of women. I saw that Brandi could speak to getting away from perfection and having more practices the women could do to help in their mental awareness.

When she was speaking, I remember feeling like she knew what I was going through and that we could relate on the same level. Her suggestions really helped me situations in a new light.

I really appreciated that she was well prepared and she knew her material. She was relatable and I could tell that she would make a great friend.

Myriah Groover

Moms Club of Loveland

I was looking for someone who was involved in the community to present on the topic of Self Care. When I talked with Brandi to discuss it, she was real and relatable!

I knew she was helping, when she mentioned self care in a way that made sense to us.

She was kind and understanding when we couldn’t give our full attention because our kids were running amok! But she was wonderful and gave a great presentation! All the members loved her!

Sarah Prince


When Brandi and I started talking, I wanted someone that has a message aligning with my event, has a personality, and ability to share that message in a way that I felt is right for my audience. Brandi could help them with recognizing their full value in their life, so they're more empowered.

What stood out about her, is she focused on inner results instead of outer.

When she was speaking, everyone was clearly connecting with her and hearing exactly what she had to say. I know the feeling she created was genuine and well felt by everyone there!

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No obligation requests. Lets see if we are a good fit!

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